SlurryFlo VALVES

SlurryFlo VALVES In the world of control valves, there are numerous designs that will successfully modulate the flow of clean fluids. However, if the media contains solid particulates, the scenario is more challenging.

Many of these ‘clean fluid’ valves are not viable for slurry duty, as their angular flow paths can become eroded or plugged. End users looking to modulate the flow of abrasive slurries must select valves with ‘line-of-sight’ trim geometry, (i.e. butterfly, ball or pinch valves).

These designs provide minimal flow re-direction, as they modulate via an increase in the fluid velocity. 

Accelerating a slurry through line-of-site valves does come with compromises, particularly when pressure drops are elevated, making them susceptible to cavitation and increased erosion.

This can result in more frequent valve replacements, potential damage to downstream piping and downtime associated to repairs.

SlurryFlo VALVES

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